This was a labor of love.  Actually, the song was love.  The slideshow?  Agonizing work!   I hope you like the result.  Please watch it, or if you don't feel like watching the whole thing, leave it running on the computer as a nite lite.  After all this effort, i want it used for something!  

Here we go.  I was going to preface this with something, but I have nothing more to say.  It's all in the show below.  The only thing I should add is a special thanks to 'GNA's Debbie Dragon and Flounder for the help in researching and compiling all the shots.  Also thanks to Getty Images.  Couldn't do it without them!   Ok.  Now on with the show

Thanks for listening.  FYI, I'm excited to say that I'm also going to get a chance to perform this song LIVE (it's gonna take alot of coffee).  Would love to see you all there at the Albany Marriott with Kevin Richards as we do our first Annual Rockin' Country New Year's Eve Bash.  All kinds of entertainment for you ! Ticket are very limited at this point, and you must have the money in by this coming Friday at 4:30PM.  Get in on the fun NOW!

Either way- Have a happy, merry, prosperous, SAFE, kind, peaceful New Year, and thanks to all of you in the 'GNA family for sticking with us for so long!