Ok, that was shameless self promotion, but someone's gotta do it.  I'm proud to say I am out tonite with a great local country band, the Lost Cantina Band, and when I play with them, I am the LOST part but I have fun.  Join us

It's very weird playing with a group.  I'm so accustomed to being a "solo".  Many times I'm so low you can't hear me.  Arrrf arrrrf.

But it really stretches your musical chops to do this, and these guys definitely have it all over me.  So I have to thank Mark, John, Slide Guitar Julian, Kenny, Paul the Bassman, and Bud the engineer extrordinaire.  These guys are awesome.  Come and  and join us at  942  Broadway, Albany NY.  Party on down!

If you come down, I'll even play my greatest hits, like the "Open Line Friday Theme", "Tech Talk", and "Readin' Writin and Rhymin"" for no extra charge.


photo by Bud Devoe