This is going to be big time fun, and you're invited if you'd like to go.  This coming Monday nite, I'm going to do an old fashioned sing-a-long and mini game show to a group of folks who deserve to have fun - Seniors (of which I am technically a card carrying member) 

I'm a huge believer that laughter and music holds no age boundaries.  Take the Readin', Writin' and Rhymin' Tour, for example.  I've actually done that program with NURSERY SCHOOL kids.  And now I'm doing the other extreme, and that's just as much of a thrill.  You can come to this and get a great dinner as well!

from Cohoes Senior Center

Man, I hope I can live up to this description.  Isn't this a nice poster?  This was created by someone at the Center.  Very flattering.  Looking forward to seeing you there.