That's right, Mr. Headline writer.  I am really in a seriously bad mood about my physician.  How's yours?  Do you have one you could recommend who actually RECOGNIZES YOU when you come in, even though you've been going there for YEARS?  I could go on and on, and I will (in song parody form) 

I've been obsessed with two things lately - bad medical care and the new song by Eric Church entitled "Springsteen".

As I waited (and waited and waited) in the waiting room of my doc, this song kept repeating in my head, and since his last name seemed to fit perfectly where the word "Springsteen" would fall in the song, I thought it was "parody worthy".  So here's my tale of woe, and I'm wondering if you go through the same pain as I normally go thru:

mp3 version for you iPhone and Ipadders

Is YOUR doctor this bad?  You can vent in the comment section below .

You know, maybe they should pay US if they make us wait too long (in fact, according to an article at, some are starting to!)  One doctor pays you $5.00 if he's late (big whoop, but heck, it's SOMETHING!)