I thought I would recount for you a really bad experience we had last year at Thankgsiving.  We slightly overcooked the turkey and nearly caused a riot in the house - I will explain in song, using Tim McGraw's "Southern Voice" as the musical inspiration


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Ok, here we go.  This is a painful story, and I've even included the lyrics for you.

mp3 version  LyricsNo Choice(Parody of Tim McGraw’s “Southern Voice” )

Lyrics © 2012 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved

My wife bought it

We almost it lost it

On thanksgiving morning

6 hours to defrost it


We both stuffed it

Tin foil to protect it

Chucked it in the oven

Totally wrecked it


Charred as a fireplace log

Wasn’t paying attention we were watching football

man were inlaws  pissed

at the dinner table

noone said a thing at all


finally old grampa sitting at my side

decided to raise his voice

nothing left in the fridge

you got no choice you got no choice


Impossible to swallow – you couldn’t even chew it

Walked over to the platter , I picked it up and threw it

Right toward the picture window, but it didn’t quite make it

It landed on the sofa, and the cocker spaniel ate it


Dried up as a rotten stump, in fact the stump would have been more moist

So we each had a bowl of yams

There was no other choice

(give me the phone book -  where’s the Taco Bell?  I’ll take a T3 with chicken!)


I hope this doesn't happen to you! What was YOUR worst Thanksgiving nitemare?  Would love to know below