Don't ask me how I ended up connecting Menands with Zac Brown.   I think it was playing one morning and when I heard "toes in the water , a## in the SAND", I stuck Menands in where SAND was -cuz it rhymed, see?  Again, don't ask...  Here's your song for Your Town Thursday

Thanks to EVERYONE who wrote in, by the way.  Awesome response.  It makes it that much easier when I have a list of bullet points.  Good job, folks!  No need to keep blabbing.  All the facts are in the song.  I have the lyrics below it so you can sing along at home.  Enjoy!

photo by Fred Cole  Farmers Market (Good luck to Fred who moved to North Carolina)
Well bout to sing you a song
So then you'll understand
Bout this Albany county town of Menands
friends that say
They work there everyday
well this stories a charmer
there was a french farmer
who owned him a big piece of land
when this train came through town
the engineer he would shout
out the farmer's last name hey MENANDS
that was a long time ago
it has grown as you know
but one thing stayed the same listen here
if you live there you know
when the hudson spills over
broadway still's flooded each year
Parts of Ironweed were filmed here
that's the God's honest truth
and back in old Chadwick Park
they played baseball til dark
that's including  Babe Ruth
it's got a very huge farmers market
with prices you can afford
and back when I first moved here
I'd go 10 times a year
that gigunda Monkey Wards
and this is no jivin
there was also a drive in
and a woolworth that had real good buys
and if I recall
there was a 76 mall
and a place that was owned by Two Guys
did you know Sugar Ray
fought in  old Hawkins stadium
goin there was sure time well spent
you wouldn't have to drive further
for a greasy hamburger
at Carolls it cost 15 cents
So now you heard this song
Hope you ow understand
That this place has a history
If your adoptin a dog
or or cat than make plans
to visit hudson humane
it's right here in Menands
so drop by today
this Rhymin Richie from GNA