I'm excited to be pairing with Richie Phillips, of the Sean and Richie Show, for a big Rockin' Country New Years Eve Party at the Wolf Road Marriott in Colonie.

I thought the picture above would get your attention! A few years ago, the entire GNA staff hosted a Halloween Bash, and as you can see Richie and I really got into character!  (I think that's Sean in the middle?)  We had a blast working together that night, and we have finally partnered to co-host a huge event on New Years Eve at the Albany Marriott.  A combination of 'something for everyone,' we hope you'll consider joining us for a great celebration in a safe, classy, warm comfortable atmosphere.

By the way, while filming this video practicing for our New Years Eve gig, we realized that between the two of us, we have over a half century of radio and DJ entertaining! I got an early start by working under a child actor's permit at a small North Country radio station at the age of 12, and joined WGNA in 1995.  Richie switched careers from teaching to radio at the age of 34, and landed at WGNA in 1988.

We are extremely happy and honored to be working with one another to give everyone the chance to dance, party and sing a long on New Years Eve. Click here to get your tickets.

Watch Richie Phillips and Kevin Richards practice for New Years Eve