We all have goals in life.  Mine is to write a theme song for every town in the Capital Region.  I'm starting with the big ones and working my way down to the small hamlets.  Troy NY will be the subject of tomorrow's song.  And you can be a partI've been reading about alot of great things happening in this historic city.   You can read all about it in the article on the Times Union.com .  Reading it is one thing. Rhyming this information is quite another.  I've had an especially hard time rhyming anything with Tutunjian!   (I went with dungeon).   According to the article:

Downtown Troy is riding higher after a string of victories, none more significant than last week's announcement of a $31.5 million plan to grace Monument Square with two new buildings that would include 106 apartments and ground-level retail space.

Armed with this information, I have begun working on  the song.  I think I'm going to use Alan Jackson's "Country Boy" as the parody.  But I'm leaving the last verse open for you.  If you have any information to finish this off , comment below and I'll add it to the nuggets of knowledge.  Thanks in advance!