From one Richie to another, I'm very excited for ya, buddy.  Richie McDonald -you came to your senses and decided to reunite with great country band Lonestar. Yeeeha!  I found a photo of Sean and I that I thought I would share with you

Here they are -the original members of Lonestar along with yours truly, Sean , former producer Scott Reardon and "traffic chick" Lisa Spears.  This shot is dated October 2001.  Amazing, huh?  Where did all the time (and my hair) go?

I also have an AMAZING memory related to this group.  Every once in awhile we have new artists who stop in and debut songs in our conference room.

These guys came into the Latham Circle Mall back in the late '90's sauntered into the room and proceeded to tell us that they had a new song they wanted to play for us.  It was "AMAZED".  The drummer played this single little snare drum and there was a guitar. The rest was basically acapella.

The song went on to spend 8 weeks on the top of the Billboard charts, according to Wikipedia.   They had a SLEW of hits after that.  You should pick up their greatest hits.  I'm sure you'll recognize most of them.

Here's a video of "Amazed" for you from YouTube

They'll be coming to the former Northern Lights (Now called Upstate Concert Hall) in Clifton Park on November 13th at 7:30 PM.  Tickets are $15 -  I'll say it again --Are you kidding me here?

Don't miss this acoustic show.  It will sell out, trust me.  What's YOUR favorite "Lonestar" hit?