All of a sudden it's Wednesday, and it dawned upon me - I have no town for this week's Your Town Thursday!  Would love to see who would like to get their town "all rhymed up".

I've had a blast doing these little musical tributes.  Here is just one of my personal "faves".  There are many more you can listen to as well.

I would love to start compiling information, but I need your input, obviously.  I'm looking for fun facts, historical trivia, good landmarks, popular businesses, important people, maybe famous people who were born there etc.  You can put it into bullet point form - no need for long paragraphs.

Please leave your info  in the comment section below or feel free to send info and pictures if you have them to   Looking forward to hearing from you.  Let's put YOUR TOWN on the map.

Oh, and P.S.- coming very soon- It's the Sean and Richie Small Town Tour.  That's right-the whole morning show will be broadcasting live from a town near you.  Where would you like us to go?  Take the Jake Thomas poll here