Have you heard what the most germ laden places are in your average hotel room?  If not, I'm about to let you know musically, because I stayed in one of these flea bags recently


 Yea, this place was so gross -- (Come on now - that's your part).  I can't hear you.   Everyone say "HOW GROSS WAS IT? "

 It was SO GROSS that I decided to write a song about it, or I should say I re-wrote a song about it.  Apologies to one of my favorite bands in history, the Eagles for using their song.  Remember the" Hotel California?"  Well, I decided to reword it a tad to reflect all of the paranoid people out there who want to buy surgical gloves before they go on vacation. 

Here we go, folks.  I hope you enjoy the parody more than I enjoyed this disgusting fleabag. 

Have you ever staying in a place like this?  Let me know in the comment section.  (But always use your hand sanitizer before typing.  You never know who's touched your keys before you do)