Countryfest 2013. 'm psyched for this.  Are you?  What a stupid question.  Darius Rucker, Sheryl Crow (50 million album buyers can't be wrong), Mark Wills, Easton Corbin, Greg Bates, and Joel Crouse.  I'M SO DARN HAPPY, I WANT TO SING ABOUT IT!

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I wanted to parody a Darius song for this, being that he is the headliner.  The one that stuck out for me was "Alright".  Awesome song - perfect to use as a "jingle" for this big event. I now present my version. Feel free to sing along!


We got Joel Crouse, better set the date
"Do It For The Girl", to quote Greg Bates
It's JUST RIGHT --country music - DAY AND NITE, we got
Mark Wills "wishing you were here"
and Easton Corbin's at the top of his career,
it JUST RIGHT -country music - DAY AND NITE
She's an icon as you know
and she's gone country, she's Sheryl Crow
and that's alright by me
And this year we're in luck
look who's coming back? Darius Rucker
it's JuST RIGHT -countryfest -day and nite
And all the ladies say he's a cutie
He's the artist formerly  known as Hootie
alright -day and nite
We're going to be outside, that's no joke
it couldn't get more country
it's in Schaghticoke
Countryfest 2013!!!

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