I read this in the "New York Post". It seems that the wonderful rich people of Manhattan have found a new way of employing disabled people. Here, I thought equal opportunity programs were not working.

flickr User, Wootang01

Everyone knows one of the worst things about going to Disneyland, and the other theme parks in Florida is waiting in those long , long lines. Sometimes you have to wait for more than an hour for one ride! Well those days are over my friends.

You may have noticed that these theme parks often have a special line for people with disabilities, wheelchairs , scooter etc. Most times these lines go through in minutes as opposed to hours. How many times have you thought,"If only someone in my group was disabled, I could be singing it's a small world after all right now!"

Now, thanks to a company called, "Dream Tours Florida", you can hire a disabled "tour guide" , that will grant you access to the handicapped lines. Under Disney policy for instance a handicapped guest can take up to 6 people with them on the rides.

It will not be cheap however, the rates for a handicapped tour guide are $130 an hour, or $1040 for an eight hour day.

So I wonder, what do you think? Disgraceful? or Hey it's a great "tour guide" job for the handicapped, everyone wins!