That's not me saying this, but now that I have your attention, let me tell you who did… Ever hear of Jeff Greene?

You would think the person who advised this would be practicing what he preached.  Get this.  He's a billionaire and former political candidate  named Jeff Greene, and according to, and he's selling his 23 bathroom Beverly Hills home and living in his paltry 35,000 square foot digs in Florida.  I guess he's decided to slum it.

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He's being razzed for his comments.  One website says in a snickering tone that "here's a guy worth a billion dollars telling the rest of us to not spend so much money".

Maybe it was taken out of context.  I'm hoping so.  How could someone be THAT out of touch?

Perhaps in his mind he IS living more modestly.  Everything is relative.  Hey, he's downsizing, right?  I heard his new place only has 10 bathrooms !  That was a joke..or maybe not…

I don't have an ending for this blog.  Maybe you can write one (but please - no 4 letter words)