This is very late breaking.  I wanted to write something here in case they do shut the government down.  Just what the heck can it mean for you?  I decided to rhyme it!  This hasn't even aired yet on the show.  


Richie Phillips
"When They Shut The Government Down"
Parody © 2013 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserves
You need a vacation or so it seems?
Planning to visit famous museum?
Or take the kiddies to a national national park?
Well you be SOL when they both go dark
Cuz when the government shuts down
You won't have either
And if you're planning to fly to a swanky resort
Better hope it's not out of the country
Cuz you ain't doing jack if you need a passport
They've known about this but they're as molasses
We should go down to DC and kick their asses
You think it won't affect you either way
Let's pray you don't need  a loan from the FHA
If you're a federal employee
You'll be affected
You could be furloughed any day
But from what I'm readin go out and party
Cuz they almost always give you retroactive pay
Don't shut the government down,
You bunch of clowns
Will run you right out of town
Don't shut the government down