We had a great party this past weekend.  It went down right here at Townsquare Media studios. It involved brushes, paint and lots of coffee.  It was the 'GNA "Paint the Lobby" party. I got my iPhone full of paint taking these shots, but it was worth it!

Matt Shea, Dan Austin Engineer Matt Shea and GM Dan Austin get "primed" for the party.  (insert rimshot here)

Brother Lou Roberts, PD Terry O'Donnell, Crush FM's Mike Smith, and Matt grab the rollers and get to work.

Our very own Human Resource Director and Administrative guru Sharon Carter joins the party.

The hallway "before shot"

Here's how it's coming along

We'll let you know what the final product looks like.  It's still a work in progress!

What joint projects are YOU doing at work?  Would love to know.  Leave your comments below

P.S.  We are now hiring.  Watch out college students: "Radio Painters" are now in business.