The egg decorating results are in, and we took your advice in the McMaster house!

Last week, I put out a poll, trying to figure out the best way to color eggs with the kids.  The result was really unanimous.

Most people in the Capital Region simply use the egg-dying kits to color the eggs.  Then, it was a tie between fancy character-themed eggs and decoupage - glitter eggs! So, we at the McMaster house decided to use your advice and do a combination of decorating ideas, well almost all.  Here is what happened:


Sean McMaster

First, the set up:  We hard boiled 18 eggs, set up the dye in the bins and got our egg-lifting tools ready.

Then, call the kids: They were certainly ready and excited.  Caden invited Naomi over to join in the fun, the more the merrier!

Next, color the eggs: Why does it seem they always want to start with the same color? We still managed to color all 18. I even showed them the crayon trick, so they made some cool designs before dropping the eggs in the dye.



Finally, the decorating!  We used google eyes, stickers and even tissue paper to make the perfect eggs!

When all was said and done, it took us longer to set up than color eggs, but clearly we have some happy egg-decorating artists here!

Caden decided go with a superhero theme. Not sure if you can tell, but here we have Batman, complete with a tissue paper cape; The Flash colored with a red crayon and The Green Lantern complete with chest emblem.

Sean McMaster

So, there you have it…eggs decorated all ways!

How did your decorated eggs come out? Share some pics in the comments!