Travels who thought they were getting a memento of Albany were actually getting one of a city almost 800 miles away.

Nothing against Indianapolis, but if I am buying a postcard of Albany I want a postcard of Albany! According to the New York Post, it was recently discovered that 2 NY Thruway rest stops in Little Falls and one in Westmoreland were selling postcards of the Capitol building in Albany. It turns out it was actually the capitol in Indiana. The other funny thing is the postcards have been being sold since 2012.

Not the article alludes that the big difference between the buildings is the globe on the Indiana capitol. But looking at the pictures, these are way different. I don't know how this went unnoticed!  Compare for yourself:

Albany capitol building:

And Indianapolis:

I guess you could argue these are a little similar, but even with a quick glance they look way different!  I guess with mostly tourists buying these, you could see how no one would catch this for a while. It also looks like the post card company needs to do a little fact checking. Who knows - maybe the Albany capitol postcards are for sale in Indiana!