In a study that took place at the University of Grenada, it was discovered that men prefer skinny women and other women do not like skinny women. People spend money on this and call it a research study?

According to the study, men are not attracted to overweight women.  When shown photographs of thin women, the men found them “highly pleasing and stimulating” and experienced a loss of self-control after viewing the photos of skinny women.

When the men looked at pictures of overweight women, they had a lot of negative reactions.

Interestingly, women in the study had kind of the opposite reaction.  The more uncomfortable a woman was with her own appearance, the less she liked photographs of average or skinny women.  In general, when women viewed the photographs of skinny women they found them much more unpleasant than when they viewed photographs of overweight women.

What do you think, does this study tell you anything new?