Wednesday hump day morning!  Half way there my friends. Today on the "Sean and Richie Show" it was kinda weird because we had a guy video taping the show in the studio.  I don't even know who he was or why he was doing it but it definitely made us a little more lively bright and early. Now, does that mean the morning monologue was that much funnier? No. But here is what we covered today.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger admits to having a baby out of wedlock.
  • Renee Zellweger may be the latest of so so many girls dating John Mayer. (I totally should have learned to play guitar.)
  • "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane will produce a remake of the "Flintstones".
  • Starbucks is being sued for firing a girl just because she is a dwarf.
  • Stephen Hawking says there is no God.
  • A Facebook obsessed couple has named their new daughter, "Like".

All this fun in one nice little compact monologue for your listening pleasure. Enjoy and as always feel free to share it with your friends.