In the wake of the passing of Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing), we take a moment to look at the Country Music connections to the hit television show 'Dallas.'

1. Floyd Cramer records a version of the Dallas TV theme on RCA records. The single peaks at No. 32 in 1980 on the Billboard Country Charts.

2. In 1985, Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris hit No. 1 with 'Makin' Up For Lost Time (The Dallas Lovers' Song).'

3. In 1985, Warner Brothers releases 'Dallas (The Music Story).' The soundtrack is full of country music singers like Johnny Lee and the Forester Sisters singing songs from the hit TV show, including the No. 1 single listed above from Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris.

4. In 1985, Hank Williams, Jr. writes a spoof on the show with 'This Ain't Dallas.' The single that claims "I ain't J.R. and you ain't Sue Ellen" peaks at No. 4 on country radio.

5. In 1993, Little Texas shoots a video for their single 'God Blessed Texas.' Southfork Ranch, the home set of 'Dallas,' is the centerpiece of the shoot.

The Dallas Lovers' Song by Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris

Dallas Theme Song

Listen To Hank Williams, Jr. Sing 'This Ain't Dallas'

Watch Little Texas sing 'God Blessed Texas'