Going to the drive-in has always been a summertime treat for a lot of people in the Albany area. Load up the car and head out to watch a couple of movies. There are still a few left like the Malta Drive-In, Jericho Drive-In and Hollywood Drive-In, which is the first drive-in theater in the area using digital technology.   A lot of others have gone by the wayside. Let’s see how many that you remember.

5) Tri City Twin Drive-In

Tri City Twin used to be on Broadway on Menands. They had two screens. You could swatch two different movie at the same time, sort of. The Fed-ex building is currently on the property.

4) Latham Drive-In

The Latham Drive-In was on Route 9 in Latham. Tri-City Fitness Center is on that location.

3) Auto Vision Drive-In

The Auto Vision used to be in East Greenbush on Route 9. I believe that there’s a Safe Storage in that location.

2) Indian Ladder Drive-In

Indian Ladder was on New Scotland road (Route 85) in New Scotland. I think I was 8-years-old when my folks took me to see Mary Poppins.

1) Mohawk Drive-In

The Mohawk Drive-In was on Central Avenue in Colonie. It was replaced by the now defunct Builder’s Square. Kohl’s and a strip mall are in that location, now. The kids loved the swings below the screen at The Mohawk.


Who remember some other drive-in theaters that were in our area?