As baseball fans get ready for another season of their favorite sport, we take a moment to remember a baseball song that helped revive the career of Kenny Rogers.

As the young country movement of the '90s was taking place, legends like Kenny Rogers were having a hard time competing for slots on radio station play lists. in 1991, 'The Gambler' landed his final top 20 hit of the decade with 'If You Want To Find Love.' Although he continued to tour to sold out crowds, the hits stalled.

However, just as the '90s were coming to a close, the '80s superstar was ready to bounce back. After forming his own record label, Dreamcatcher, Rogers and his team began promoting a story song about kids, baseball, and the life lessons learned from playing the sport. After touring and performing the song at ballparks nationwide, the inspirational single, penned by Don Schlitz (pictured above), started getting requests at Country Radio. Schlitz was also responsible for writing 'The Gambler' and dozens of other country hits, including 'Forever and Ever, Amen' for Randy Travis and 'When You Say Nothing At All' for Keith Whitley.

In no time, Kenny Rogers was back on the radio with a charming charting single titled 'The Greatest.' Although the tune only peaked at No. 26, it reminded radio listeners, radio programmers and Country Music fans that the Country Icon was back and still sounding great. Just a few months after 'The Greatest' got Kenny Rogers' music back on mainstream radio, 'Buy Me A Rose' was released and soared all the way to No. 1- making Rogers the eldest person in Country Music history to have a No. 1 solo record at the age of 61.