Saratoga Beer Week is in full swing, so we've decided to put another beer drinking Country Classic in the spotlight.

In 1973, Johnny Russell released what would become the biggest hit of his career, 'Rednecks, White Socks And Blue Ribbon Beer.' Although he didn't write the song, Russell launched his career by writing 'Act Naturally,' a hit for both Buck Owens and The Beatles. Later on, Russell would add the George Strait classic 'Let's Fall To Pieces Together' to his songwriting credits, along with Gene Watson's 'Got No Reason Now For Goin' Home.'

Russell was a regular performer on the Grand Ole Opry thanks to songs like 'Catfish John' 'Baptism of Jesse Taylor' and 'Hello I Love You.' By the way, in 1980 Russell was the first artist to cut 'Song of The South,' a song made popular by Alabama. Russell died in 2001 at the age of 61 from diabetes.