As we prepare for Saratoga Beer Week, we take a moment to feature a barroom beer drinking jukebox classic. In 1989, Hank Williams, Jr. released a duet with his late father that earned just about every award in the Country Music industry.

Hank Williams, Sr. originally recorded 'There's A Tear In My Beer' in the early '50s, however the song was never released as a single. In 1989, through the use of modern technology, Hank Sr.'s voice was pulled off the original and merged with his son's voice, along with a new musical arrangement Country Music history was made. At the time, 40 year-old Hank Jr. finally got to sing with his dad who had passed when he was just 3 years old at the age of 29.

While the audio portion earned CMAs and Grammy Awards, the video was also a groundbreaking project. The 1989 CMA Video of the Year 'magically' paired the two Hanks using vintage black and white video clips of Hank Sr.. The love done gone sing a long didn't hit the top of the charts, but it sure left quite an impact and gave us one of the best drinking songs of all-time.