It seems like everybody I know is sick, or has been sick over the past few weeks. Record numbers of people are getting the flu nationwide, while many others are just trying to battle off the common winter cold.

I recently checked in with some of my friends on Facebook to see who's been sick, and here's what I got.

Who's Been Sick Over The Past Few Weeks?

Laureen Brown my grandson
Nikki Fiore Cutright *raises hand* second time around for me too
Jefferson Weidman both hands in the air
Becky Moyer Many of my friends and extended family but not us......(yet)
Jennifer Sweet All 5 kids and 2 adults this past week
Dianne Powell i was really sick for two weeks better now
Michele Steele Hendrickson 3 kids and 1 adult- many many friends as well!!
Melissa Amanda Kawczak How about the last two months.. "It" attacks one at a time .. With the week in between, where U scrub the house down, because you think it's dead.. Only to resurface on the next victim
Sarah Jane Reynolds Started with a chest cold, moved to head cold. Lots of water, juice, vitamin C and Mucinex!
Linda Rice It's been a bad year for sickness.
Kari BrownLagoy 4 out of 5 in my house
Have you been sick this 2012-2013 Flu Season? Please leave your message in the comment section below.