We keep hearing that the recession is over. Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of people that can't find a job.

In addition to that, possible state layoffs and job cuts, and now National Grid is slashing 1,200 jobs. My heart goes out to these people. I can only think about where will they go? What happens to their homes? Who will pay their bills? What about food? And the list goes on and on.

I thought about this before the recession began-If we keep getting rid of people at these jobs, who will be left to buy their products? How many more people will this happen to down the road?

Yes, we have some great companies coming to the area that will create new jobs which is great, but they seem to be high tech jobs. Do they have jobs for people that don't have any experience in those fields? Some people are a little too old to go back to school, plus they may not have the money to do that. I just hope all this job loss stuff ends, soon.