One of the highlights from the finale of American Idol's season 11 was the duet with Reba McEntire and Skylar Laine. However, if you were paying attention, you may have noticed that they altered the lyrics to Reba's No. 1 hit, 'Turn On The Radio.'

McEntire joined the 4th place finisher for the season finale, which crowned Phillip Phillips the winner. However, while singing along with 'Turn On The Radio' fans may have noticed a slight change in the lyrics. Obviously with Ford as a major sponsor of American Idol, it's no wonder that the line 'until you blow your speakers out your Chevy truck' was changed to 'until you blow your speakers out your pick-up truck.'

After noticing this little change, it's interesting to think about how much goes on behind the scenes in music. Producers, ratings, politics and even sponsors can influence what is and what is not said or performed.

Do you know of any situations or performances that were changed because of a sponsor in a movie or song? Please leave them in the comment section below.