As speculated by super-fans, Reba McEntire has announced that she is the first artist signed to Nash IconMusic, a joint venture between Big Machine Label Group and Cumulus Media.

Big Machine label head Scott Borchetta has been trying to talk McEntire back into the studio for years.

McEntire has had more than 30 chart-topping country singles since 1976, including Little RockIs There Life Out There and the Grammy-winning Whoever's in New England. Her most recent No. 1 hit came in 2010 with Turn on the Radio.

And McEntire hopes her fans will soon be able to turn on their radios and hear her new music.

"It's been kind of a weird time in country music for females, I would say, and it's in a trend now that I'm hoping is going to be more female friendly, for personal reasons," she said.

And, I agree!  We want Reba!  And Martina, and Sara, and more, new, great female singers to belt along with in the car on the way home from a crappy day at work, or after a hot date, or a breakup!

She's got 11 new songs in the can, and is looking to record a few more for her new project, so hopefully the wait won't be too long!

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