This is one of my favorite times of year. I love when the TV networks announce all the new shows and I judge them all site unseen. Then get surprised by a few and disappointed by many. Here;s a quick rundown of ABC's Fall lineup.

"Red Widow":  A drama, based on a Dutch show, about the widow of an assassinated criminal who's forced to take over her husband's role in an organized-crime syndicate in order to protect her family.

"Nashville":  A "family soap" that’s set in the country music scene with one star at her peak and one on the rise.  Connie Britton from "Friday Night Lights" is the star, and Hayden Panettiere from "Heroes" is the up-and-comer.

"Zero Hour":  A drama about, quote, "a bizarre twist of fate that pulls a man who's spent 20 years as the editor of a skeptics magazine into one of the most compelling conspiracies in human history."  (???) It stars Anthony Edwards from "ER".

"Last Resort":  "An international action-thriller-soap about establishing a new society in a world held hostage by the crew of a ballistic missile submarine. Basically, a U.S. nuclear sub crew goes rogue, escapes to an island, and declares themselves the smallest nuclear nation.  It stars Andre Braugher from "Homicide".

"Mistresses":  A drama about four women with "turbulent romantic lives."  Say no more!  It stars Alyssa Milano and Yunjin Kim from "Lost".

"666 Park Ave.":  “A young couple accepts an offer to manage one of the most historic apartment buildings in New York, and they begin to experience supernatural occurrences, which complicate and endanger the lives of everyone in the building." Terry O'Quinn from "Lost" plays "the building's mysterious owner," and Vanessa Williams plays "his mysterious wife."

"The Family Tools" is a sitcom about a man who "puts his dreams on hold in order to take over the family handyman business" after his father has a heart attack.  Leah Remini from "King of Queens" is in it.

"The Neighbors":  A comedy about a family that moves into a high-end gated community in New Jersey only to discover that the entire neighborhood is made up of aliens disguised as humans.

"How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life" is a sitcom starring Sarah Chalke from "Scrubs" as a divorced single mom who moves in with her "eccentric parents."  Her parents are played by Brad Garrett from "Everybody Loves Raymond" and Elizabeth Perkins from "Weeds".

Malibu Country":  A comedy starring Reba McEntire and Lily Tomlin.  Reba plays a woman whose husband cheats on her, so she moves in with the rest of her family in Malibu.

The shows ABC is NOT bringing back next season are:  "Work It", "The River", "Missing", "Pan Am", "Man Up", "GCB", "Desperate Housewives" and "Cougar Town".

The series finale of "Desperate Housewives" aired last Sunday, and "Cougar Town" will move to TBS.

The shows they ARE bringing back include:  "Dancing With the Stars", "The Bachelor", "The Bachelorette", "Body of Proof", "Castle", "Grey's Anatomy", "Happy Endings", "Last Man Standing", "The Middle"

--"Modern Family", "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23", "America's Funniest Home Videos", "Wife Swap", "Once Upon a Time", "Private Practice", "Revenge", "20/20", "Scandal" and "Suburgatory".