Joe Nichols is hands down one of the best performers I've ever seen live! When he was at our "WGNA Winter Concert" he was fighting a cold that I can tell you would of sidelined many, but Joe took the stage and the sniffling and coughing mess I saw backstage was replaced by a smiling and confident Joe Nichols. So here's the hard part for me, picking a few songs that I like the most because I love all of Joe's music. So here are songs really in no order because they are all awesome.

My Summer song last year was hands down "Take It Off". Nothing more to say but enjoy.



"I'll Wait For You" makes me cry a little but it's still a amazing tune!



If you hear "Gimmie That Girl" and you woman doesn't pop into your mind instantly, you may need to find a new one. lol



The next one I sadly admit I like most because what happens in the audience when he plays it "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Come Off"



I can't wait to see Joe again! Don't miss the biggest party/show of the Summer Countryfest 2012!