Not sure how I feel about these two movies but they are worth taking a look at. Let's head to the Trailer Park.

First is Hugh Jackman's new movie "Real Steel" this is a syfy thriller involving rock em sock em robots and Evangeline Lilly in her first job since "Lost". Set to hit the theater's on October 7, 2011.

I think I'll check it out but I'll wait for Netflix.

Next is the next in the "Final Destination" franchise. Number 5 to be exact.

Guess I'll have to watch "Final Destination 3 and 4" first. Or skip this one too. lol The release date of August 12, 2011 means they think it could do well in the box office.

Ok so which if either are you going to see and what movies would you like featured in "Levack's Trailer Park"?