The very first time I went to visit a school to write a song parody with kids, I walked out with my tail between my legs!  It was a high school senior history class.  OK, it was an 8th period class in May, so maybe I'm being too picky.  But let's put it this way--I ran out of that building so fast, they almost signed me up for the track team!

It was an elementary teacher in Schenectady (circa 1997) who convinced me to try writing a song with 2nd graders.   I spent the entire time gasping with laughter at the funny things they said and the ideas they came up with.  I've never turned back

 So many hysterical memories.  In one school (Van Corlear Elementary, Schenectady)  they duck taped  the principal to the wall (she told the kids that if they read a certain amount of books in a school year, they would be allowed to do this)  And then we wrote a song for her.

I'm not sure who gets more out of this program--the children or yours truly---sometimes I think it's the latter!

If interested in signing up for the "Tour", please email me at  You must be a teacher to sign up, and the class size must be 25 or less.  It is free, by the way, and special thanks to longtime sponsor  Hannaford Supermarkets for keeping it that way!