In the country music industry, there are a lot of artists that sing a romantic love song at one point or another.  Either the song is about loving and staying or loving and leaving. There are of course certain artists that do a better job of portraying these love songs so you really feel the message of the song even if you don't know the words enough to sing along.

This is what is so special about country music.  People who don't like country music joke that "when you play a country song backwards, you get your truck back, you get your dog back, you get the girl back and life is good."  And probably many songs talk about one of those topics if not all of them.  However, there are also many songs that when played at the right moment in our lives, they explain exactly how you felt or how you currently feel about a particular situation.

When it comes down to epic romantic songs, I think Rascal Flatts has always done a great job nailing it on the head.  The harmony of their music coupled with the lyrics always sends a sincere message to the listener(s).  That's why their single, "God Bless the Broken Road" was so popular for so many weddings (though clique after a while) because so many couples felt it explained the story of their relationship and their future together.  Rascal Flatts has a new single out called "I Won't Let Go."  If you haven't heard it, the audio is below.  I have a feeling it might be the upcoming hit for many weddings this year.