'GNA wants to send one lucky couple to SPAC to Rascal Flatts on Aug. 3 after "rewinding" their first date and giving them a night out to dinner and to the concert, complete with a special private acoustic performance and meet-and-greet!

We asked you to tell us about your first dates, now it's time for voting! Pick one couple you'd like to see have their date re-done. One vote per person, please!

The winners will be sent on a brand new date, complete with limo transportation for the night provided by Today's Limousine, dinner at Dock Brown’s Lakeside Tavern at the new Brown’s Beach on Saratoga Lake and tickets to the Rascal Flatts show, including the special meet-and-greet and private performance.

We'll be picking a winner Wednesday at noon!

Couple 1: 


We never actually had a "first date" at all. I flew in from Florida on July 4th, 2009. We were supposed to go to dinner and fireworks in Albany, but I fell asleep, exhausted from my flight. So he decided to take me to Cumberland Farms down the street in Greenville for some sandwiches. The truck ended up breaking down and we never quite made it there. We ended up having to walk back up to his parent's house and wake his Dad up to tow the truck back. Needless to say, I never really got much of a sightseeing trip out of it as we had no vehicle. His parents had to drive me to the airport on the 8th. Lucky for him, I liked him alot. I wound up coming back in October and he proposed. I moved here from Florida in January 2010. We have a son, so we don't get many "date nights" at all these days. In fact, we never even had a honeymoon. But I still love him all the same.

Couple 2:


Nick and I went out to dinner. I was doing everything I could to impress him, I thought things were going so smooth, and that I had finally landed a great guy. We ordered food, I thought I would be smart and order a simple shrimp salad. No worries, right? Wrong!!! The shrimp had a weird taste to it, but I thought I just wasn't use to that restaurant. All of a sudden, bam! My stomach didn't appreciate the new tastes either, I quickly excused myself to the restroom, had the worst upset stomach ever. Came back to the table, sweating profusely, and Nick said is everything ok? I played it off cool, of course it is! Just then, a bout of diarrhea hit me all of sudden, and there was no time to go to the bathroom. I didn't know what to do, I said we need to leave now, how could I explain this? I took off my sweater tied it around my waist, clenched my fists the whole ride home, and yelled call you later running to my door. I called him later, to explain the best I could. He thought I just didn't like him. How do you tell someone you really like, on your first date, "I'm sorry, but I just pooped my pants?" Worst date ever! 10 years later, we are still together, and still get a good laugh over that!

Couple 3:

I met my wife while we were in college through mutual friends. We had many group outings but the first time we went on a date alone was a camping trip with friends but the two of us got our own site. Everything was going great until my wife suggested smores over the fire. I had a marshmallow that lit on fire and i shook my stick to kill the flame. The melted, flaming marshmallow flew off and landed in between my wifes wifes toes burning her toes. I immediately picked her up and put her entire foot in the beer cooler full of ice. We have now been together 6 years and recently married. I still don't know how she stayed with me after that first date. I am so clumsy and accident prone!