It's Randy Travis' 53rd birthday, so it's a perfect reason to feature him in this weeks edition of Flashback Friday.   We go back to 1994 for this week's selection, "Before You Kill Us All".

This was the first single from Randy's 1994 album "This Is Me". The song peaked at #2 on the Billboard country charts. He would follow it up with one of his many #1's "Whisper My Name".

Randy has had one stellar career! 25 Years in the business! In that time he has released over 20 studio albums as well as a number of Greatest Hits albums. He's been in movies and TV shows and still tours the country on a regular basis. Randy was playing in my household as a child on a regular basis and one of the reasons I am a country music fan.

There have been a few rough patches in Randy's life recently. Back in September he collapsed on stage during a performance. In February as he was arrested for public intoxication and now he is being sued by his Ex-Wife for givng her the boot as his manager. Hopefully things will turn around for the good in the long run.

Happy 53rd Birthday to Randy Travis! A true Country Music Icon!!