Luke Bryan had a huge #1 hit with the song "Rain Is A good Thing" on Capitol records last year. That sentiment does not hold true here in the Capital Region and other parts of the country.

I have been watching a lot of TV news and weather these last 24 hours and there is a lot of rain in this current weather system. On a satellite image it looks like a freight train coming into the New York, New England and Midwestern United States.

Some bad flooding that is only going to get worse has already started in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and it was "all hands on deck there" the last 2 days.

Everyone from average citizens to the National Guard and even jail inmates were filling and stacking sand bags to hopefull protest homes and businesses from overwhelming damage due to the fast rising waters.

Keep your fellow Americans in your prayers and let's hope we are all safe when it is over.

According to WGNA Chief Meteoroligist Steve Caporizzo from News 10 WTEN the major rain and huge flood potential for our are will be in the next 24 hours with heavy and suatained dowpours expected tomorrow.

So Luke Bryan, "Rain is A Good Thing" most of the time, but this time of the year in Upstate, New York and beyond is not one of them my friend.

In July of 2010 Steve Caporizzo celebrated 20 years at WTEN.  Enjoy this look at 20 years with Steve thanks to You Tube.