Last month, Fastrax Raceway in Crossgates Commons in Albany was shut down without notice.

Fastrax Raceway - Bro. Lou Roberts Collection

There was an eviction by the Albany County. Many customers, including some that already spent money on memberships and gift cards, were all caught off guard by the business suddenly being closed.

Fastrax Raceway reopened as K1 Speed, this past Friday, under new management. K1 Speed, based out of California, has been around for about 10 years, and they own several other facilities throughout the country. They also did the same thing at a Poughkeepsie Fastrax they did on Friday in Albany.

They will be working with the Fastrax customers that have memberships and unused gift cards, although they don’t have access to Fastrax database.

According to the story that I saw on WNYT, the new owners do not have anything to do with the previous owners.