Is anybody else struggling today?  I know it's Monday.  Sometimes it's hard to get back into the swing of things after the weekend.  While you're at work, on break of course, you can take a look at the following links and videos to help pass the time:

Would you be able to quit Facebook?  Maybe you could if someone paid you to quit... there is a Dad who has offered his teenager $200 to quit Facebook for five months.  The teenager was looking for a way to earn some money and since she admitted Facebook wasted a lot of her time, this was what they came up with.  How much money would it take you to quit Facebook for five months?

Celebrities often hire stylists to help them look their best when they head out in public, but what do you think about a stylist for your baby bump?!  Kim Kardashian has a stylist to help her look great while her waistline expands throughout her pregnancy.

If you have kids, you've no doubt heard the "I didn't do it!" announcement even when the evidence is clearly there.  There's a really cute video on of a 3 year old kid who has sprinkles all over his face but he's sticking to his story - he did not eat them!