I'm a sucker for trivia questions.  I love the questions. I can't answer them, mind you  but I do love the questions!  Here's one that I found, along with a great tip on we can have a fantastic New Year's Eve celebration in the Wolf Rd., Albany area!

1. How did the New Year's Eve ball come about?  They constructed in 1907 because they banned fireworks that year (don't know why!)   It was partially made out of wood, and had had 125 watt  light bulbs on it (we have more bulbs than that at home on our Christmas tree!)

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Last year's ball was constructed out of Waterford Crystal's, almost 300 of them!  Quite an upgrade from 1907!

Would you like to hear more trivia, along with a beginners line dance lesson, sing-alongs, dancing to today's country and yesterday'  rock favorites, a wrapup of the year's events in rhyming form, champagne toast and much more?  Look no further!

Tickets are still available by going to www.Kevinrichards.com.  I am not sure about the status of the rooms at this point. They released a limited number of them, and they are selling extremely quickly.  Call the Marriott at 458 –8444 and tell them that you would like the New Year's Eve Special Room Rate.

Would love to see you there!

Trivia provided by Woodridge.patch.com