If Joe Flacco seemed a little pre-occupied before his the Ravens/Browns game yesterday, it's because his wife was in labor with the couple's second baby!  She had the little boy just 30 minutes before kickoff!

These days most men make a point to be present when their wives give birth, but on Sundays during football season, some men, like Joe Flacco, find it hard to get away from "the office."

So, as he warmed up for his big game yesterday, he awaited word on whether or not his wife had given birth!  Finally, 30 minutes before the game began, he found out his wife and new baby son were doing well!

I tried to think about how I would feel if my husband had to play football instead of staying by my side during childbirth.  I know it's his job, and I'm sure it would be really hard to get away, but still!  Poor timing!

Anyway, the Ravens won, and I'm sure the family was reunited shortly after the game!  Congrats Flacco Family!

Photo: Getty Images