Would it help you lose weight if your fork kept track of everything you put in your mouth, from how many bites of food you take to how fast you eat?  If you eat your meal too fast, your fork will start flashing lights at you, warning you to take it easy and slow it down a little bit.  In case you miss a fork that lights up, it will also vibrate or buzz to make sure you’re paying attention.

The idea behind the smart fork is that it will help you keep your portions in control, which in turn helps you lose weight.  Might even help with indigestion or complications from stuffing your face a little too fast.

The information your fork figures out about your eating habits is sent to your iPhone, Windows Phone or Android via Bluetooth Technology or the USB connection.  Take a look at the food data and figure out why you’re not losing weight the way you expected… available in the second quarter of 2013 for $99.99.

Here's what The Sean and Richie Show had to say about this know it all fork.