It's called Click 'N' Pizza.  It's the ultimate in laziness---I mean CONVENIENCE.  My morning show brethren calls it the ultimate in laziness.  I say it's brilliant.

It's called Click "N' Pizza, according to, and it's an invention from the La Comanda Co. in Italy.  It's basically a programmable button that attaches to your refrigerator, and after setting it up, you press it and VOILA -you get a pie and whatever from your favorite establishment delivered to your door.  Here's what the button looks like


Of course you set up payment info on it and you're done.  It's almost like in a way.  One click easy checkout.

It's actually a very interesting upcoming when you think about it.  We're starting to react to the complications in life.  We want thing to be easier.  Who wants to sift through 50,000 channels on TV?  Just give me a big screen where you say "turn on" and "I want to watch Spongebob"    Make it brainless or forget about it.

When you think about it that way, this invention could take off.  Would you buy it?  If you could have a button programmed to do anything, what would it's function be?

I'd have it connected right to Best Buy, and then a companion button that would contact my financial advisor, because I'd need instant advice to prevent bankruptcy.