Not kidding - that's what they are doing to people in Brazil.  this is a very clever way of exposing people with hateful speech on social media. I'm not sure how well it would play in this country, but here's what they're doing thereAccording to which seems to be an activist website, there's a new campaign there called "Virtual Racism, Real Consequences".  Here's the way it works.  If you post a racist rant (assuming you can be that hateful in 140 characters), what you don't know is that your tweet is GEOTAGGED so they know where it came from.

They then have the technology to transfer your idiotic blabber onto a digital billboard.  I guess they block out your name but your message is shown to the world for all to see.  (I guess that's how it works - I'm not that geeky to know exactly how it works)

Do you think that would be effective here?  The privacy laws would prevent it here I'm sure, but boy - wouldn't it make you think twice?  How about if your kids knew that what they wrote could be read by everyone on 787?  Hmmmmmm….