Yes there it is, a little something for all you young people who often are told their "PDA" is not cool, It may in fact save your life one day.

OK I;m not talking about making out with your hands all over each other here, but a little hand holding can be a good thing, it most certainly was a good thing for 16-year-old Dylan Corliss and 17-year-old Lexie Varga of Claremont, California.

They were walking to get something to eat the other day and holding hands when a bolt of lightning struck them. The bolt struck Dylan in the back of the head went through his body, through her body then out her left foot. Both teens where knocked to the ground and when they gathered their wits again they resumed their walk to the burger joint and called their parents. (Yes, they actually still went for the food).

Their parents of course made them go to the hospital where they were checked out, Lexie has a small mark on her foot and there were some aches and pains for both of them but they will both be just fine.

The Doctor said that the fact that they were holding hands dissipated the force of the  lightning and more than likely saved their lives.