Happy President's  Day.  Hope you find the mattress, furniture and clothing you desire!  But we all know what President's Day SHOULD be for--to honor the great leader of our nation, past and present.  And also to pick on them, which is our job on the Sean and Richie Show.  And we've picked on MANY!!! Here's the background about this little gem, if we do say ourselves.

Several years ago they found out that Former President George HW Bush was becoming friendly with another former world leader,  Bill Clinton.   So Sean and Richie wanted to know what it would sound like if they sang a duet together , ala Sonny and Cher.  They did this live on the air, as you will quickly be able to determine by hearing it!

Ok, maybe it wasn't a gem, but we had a great time with this one.  Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past!  Have a great day off!!!