As you know, the President just visited Ireland yesterday. Overall it was a great event. The people there came out in droves to see President Obama. He was very much like a rock star. He had a great speech, he visited a pub and had a pint of Guinness and also saw the house of his ancestors. Perfect right? Well, no.

Early in the day when he was leaving the U.S. Embassy , one of the presidential limos bottomed out on a curb. As I understand it, it wasn't his limo, he was in the one behind it. Regardless the Irish people there got quite a kick out it.
Personally, I think this video would be funny no matter who it happened to, but being its the most powerful man on the planet, it just makes it that much more funny, and ironic. These Limousines are built to withstand a missile strike. Yet they are brought down by a curb. Also please notice the officer on the right when the "bang" happens. Should he be backing away like that?

God Bless.