Unfortunately, we are experiencing some power issues this morning. Despite being off the air through your radio, we are still available on Facebook, through our smartphone app, Radiopup, and of course, by listening online.

For anyone who doesn't know much about RadioPup, it's a FREE app for your smartphone.  All you have to do is go the app market consistent with the type of phone you have, type in "radiopup," and a free version will pop up for download.  It's that easy.


If you're sitting at the computer either at home or work, feel free to stream GNA through your speakers.  We will still be playing lots of great country music and updating you on weather, traffic and news throughout the day.

Engineers are on hand trying to fix the problem.  We will keep you updated on the status of our tower and the power outage it has incurred.   Feel free to find some entertaining and informational blogs right here on our website as well.  All the on-air personalities will still be working to give you plenty of entertainment throughout your day via our website.