There are some vacant and deteriorating buildings in the Lansingburgh section of Troy that are possible homes for veterans.

Google Street View

The buildings, which are located on Second Avenue just before 115th Street, have also had a fire, a few years ago. The buildings are dangerous and an eyesore, and now the Troy Housing Authority is teaming up with Troy Mayor Lou Rosamilia’s office to do something about it. The plan is to rehab the buildings and turn them into affordable residential apartments for U.S. Veterans.

In the story that I saw on WNYT, one of the neighbors mentioned about how kids get into the buildings and also worries about another possible fire. The owner of Verdile’s Restaurant, which is located nearby the buildings, says that he would be proud to have veterans live nearby, but is concerned that they might not come to live there, and doesn’t thinks that the area needs any more low income housing.

There will be investment cost for the Troy Housing Authority of more than $300,000 dollars.