A Schodack man is in jail and his home has been condemned after authorities found three dead dogs on his property Seven other dogs were also found on "the brink of starvation," as stated in the Times Union today.  60-year old Ronald Haber of Bunker Hill Road drove off from a gas station without paying for gas early Thursday.  State Police went to his home and found the three dogs dead in a shed on his property.  The surviving dogs were taken to Columbia-Greene County Humane Society shelter.  Those seven are expected to live.

Yesterday, I blogged about a really cute dog and dog ownership in general.  It makes me sick to think about these types of people.  While the economy is tough, owning a pet is a HUGE responsibility and a lifestyle.  Times get tough no matter what you're going through, but a pet is a choice -- not a necessity.  Please think before you commit to a pet and talk anyone out of owning a pet if they don't truly know the time and money that goes into owning one, three or seven!